156 Squadron PFF losses flown from
 R.A.F. UPWOOD in 1944 and 1945


BLOW IS THE ROLL OF HONOUR FOR 156 Squadron in 1944 and 1945

156 Squadron PFF flown from Warboys on 15/8/42 to5/3/44
Then came to Upwood on 5/3/44 to 27/6/45

For some odd reason the Lancaster below should have taken off at Upwood, but in bomber Command losses show it as taking off at Warboys.

24/25 March 1944 Lancaster III JB667 GT-T Op. Berlin
F/L R Richmond died
Sgt G P Rae died
F/S H L Bird POW
F/O R Kearney died
Sgt J A Green died
Sgt R J Faulkner died
Sgt K A Ward died

T/o Warboys 1854 Homebound, crashed at Grossbeuthen, 4Km NNW of Trebbin

30/31 March 1944 Lancaster III ND406 GT-S Op. Nuremberg
W/O J A Murphy RAAF died
Sgt J Baldwin died
F/O I J Toppings RCAF died
Sgt A C Kendrick died
Sgt L W Wooliscroft POW
W/O G R N Wood RAAF died
Sgt H L Hepworth died

T/o Upwood 2235. Outbound, shot down by a Ju 88 flown by Oblt Gunter Koberich, II./NJG2, coming down near Holzweiler. Sgt Wooliscroft was thrown clear as the Lancaster Exploded. The were on the nineteenth operation of their second tour (first tour being 20 and the path finder tour was 25)

30/31 March 1944 Lancaster III ND466 GT-Z Op. Nuremberg
S/L P R Goodwin POW

P/O C A Rose RAAF died
F/O E H J Summers POW
F/O J V Scrivener RCAF POW

F/O H C Frost died
W/O J C Baxter DFM died
W/O V Gardner DFM died

T/o Upwood 2230. Outbound, and having just started the run in to the target, was picked up by the Me 110 of Oblt Martin Becker, I./NJG6 and sent down at Eisfeld. They were on the seventeenth operation of their second tour (first tour being 20 and the path finder tour was 25)

30/31 March 1944 Lancaster III ND476 GT-V Op. Nuremberg
Capt F Johnsen RNAF died
P/O G Elmy died
Sgt S McConnell died
F/S W P H O'Neill died
P/O C G Leatherdale RCAF died
Sgt K Gardiner died
Sgt H McL Donnelly died
Sgt R G Karsman RNAF died

T/o Upwood 2225 Outbound, despatched by cannon fire from a Ju 88 flown by Oblt Gunter Koberich, II./NJG2, Crashed near Holzweiler, scene of another 156 Squadron crash.

30/31 March 1944 Lancaster III ND492 GT-L Op. Nuremberg
P/O L Lindley POW
Sgt R T Harper died
F/O J W Henry died
Sgt B B Vivour died
Sgt J E Bates died
Sgt N T Edmondson RCAF died
Sgt D B Bloomfield died

T/o Upwood 2224 Outbound, shot down by a night-fighter and crashed at Oberirsen, 10Km SE of Eitorf

Note.. In the first three months of 1944, 156 squadron sustained over half of its losses for the entire twelve months.

It is reported that Oblt Gunter Koberich was killed on 8 April 1944 during USAAF operations on the airfield where he was stationed.

22/23 April 1944 Lancaster III ND349 GT-C Op. Dusseldorf
W/O A J Higgs POW
Sgt M Fowler died
F/S D J Chase died
W/O A E Thomas RAAF died
F/S W R Parissien POW
Sgt G F Woodhead POW

Sgt W N W Brown RAAF died

T/o Upwood 2120 Hit by flak while flying at 19,000 feet and crashed in the target area.

26/27 April 1944 Lancaster III JB307 GT-H Op. Essen
F/L A G R Kayll died
Sgt R A K Riddle died
F/O J W C Darvall died
Sgt J D Manley died
Sgt E Fletcher died
Sgt A Beattie died
Sgt C Waller died

T/o Upwood 2313 Crashed 1 Km S of Achtmaal (Noord-brabant), 12 Km SE of Roosendaal

27/28 April 1944 Lancaster III ND409 GT-S Op. Friedrichshafen
G/C E C Eaton DFC died
F/O P Wadsworth died
S/L L H Glasspool DFC died
F/O K G Franklin DFC RNZAF died
F/O J R Dobbs DFC RAAF died
F/L C A Kidd died
F/O R G Sharland DFC died

T/o Upwood 2235 Shot down by a night-fighter, crashed into a wooded area 1 Km W of Neuhausen (Engen), 2 Km S of Engen. F/O Wadsworth had flown a tour with 103 Squadron.

In 1992 his only Son, the Revd Michael Wadsworth, Published a moving tribute to his father and to the airmen of 156 squadron in his book, THEY LED THE WAY (STORY OF 156 SQUADRON PATHFINDERS)

6/7 May 1944 Lancaster III ND449 GT-M Op. Mantes-La-Jolie
F/O H D Churchill DFC & Bar died
F/S G M G Meer DFM evd
F/O P V Jones evd
Sgt R Maile evd
Sgt D F Hayward DFM evd
F/O E F Warren DFM RCAF died

T/o Upwood 0048 To bomb railway installations Crashed at Le Fidelaire (Eure), 9 Km WSW of the small town of Conches-en-Ouche.

21/22 May 1944 Lancaster III JB217 GT- Op.Duisburg
F/S V D Temple
W/O H Graaf
Sgt A E C Munday
Sgt M J Waltham
F/S A P Arnott

Sgt L E Reynolds injured
Sgt W V Cooper

T/o Upwood. 2245 Having bombed the target, shortly after leaving the area the lancaster was badly shot by a Ju 88 whose fire wounded Sgt Reynolds. A Me 110 then set about the Lancaster, but was driven off by the combined fire of the two air gunners. Subsequently, the bomber crashed-landed 0255 at Dunsfold airfield, Surrey and caught fire. All were rescued by airmen from 320 squadron. For his fortitude in remaining at his post , Sgt Reynolds was awarded an immediate DFM, Details being Published in the London Gazette on 7 July 1944

21/22 May 1944 Lancaster III ND559 GT-J Op.Duisburg
F/S W J Ward POW
Sgt S G Smith died
F/S E E E Roberts died
F/S R Keating died
Sgt R G Watts died
Sgt J T E McCaffery died
S/L J E Blair DFC DFM died

T/o Upwood 2244 Exploded, throwing clear F/S Ward, following a night-fighter attack. Debris fell near Molenaarsgraaf (Zuid-Holland)

The Squadron gunnery leader, S/L Blair DFC DFM was on his Sixty Six operation

31 May/1 June 1944 Lancaster III NE143 GT-G Op.Tergnier

F/S R G Burton died
F/L T W Kennedy RAAF died
W/O A A Gilchrist RAAF POW
W/O R J Andrews died
F/S A G Bryant EVD
F/S H N Whitmore EVD

T/o Upwood 0025 to bomb the railway yards. Crashed at La Neuvilleen (Aisne), 20 Km SW of St-Quentin.
The pilot F/L Samson evaded capture and returned to his squadron in August

7/8 June 1944 Lancaster III ND577 GT-E Op.Versailles
S/L C G Hopton DFC RCAF died
F/S L E Gibbs died
F/L H D Gillies DFC died
F/L W M Conlon DFC died
F/L D T Wood DFC died
F/L P J Moyes DFC died
W/O A R P Larkins died
Sgt I Campbell died

T/o Upwood 0058 to bomb rail communications. Came down at Les mesnuls (Yvelines), 13 Km N of Rambouillet. S/L hopton RCAF had flown at least 46 operational sorties. F/L Wood was flying as a second air Bomber. The Lancaster was acting as deputy master bomber.

23/24 June 1944 Lancaster III JB230 GT-S Op.Coubronne
P/O D Langford DFC died
F/L R E Manvell DFC DFM died
WO1 H W Davy RCAF died
F/S J E Price POW
F/S F Urch died
F/S E B Riley died
F/S G A Wilby died

T/o Upwood 2354 to mark a flying-bomb site crashed at Zuytpeene (Nord), 4Km WSW of Cassel.

2 July 1944 Lancaster III ND962 GT- Op.Oisemont
W/O P E Clarke
F/S F W Schoon
F/O T F W Addis
F/O W J Roberts
F/S J A McGregor
F/O N P Hibbert
W/O A G Orchard
W/O G Breakwell

T/o Upwood 1254 to mark a flying-bomb site. Wrecked 1526 on return to base, due to the undercarriage collapsing. Two members of the crew were slightly hurt. W/O Clarke who was declared tour expired five days later.

14/15 July 1944 Lancaster III PA984 GT-Q Op.Revigny
S/L G G Davies DSO POW
F/O F C G Debrock died
F/O H Coker died
F/L K Stevens POW
F/O F Holbook DFC died
F/L H G M Robinson DFC RAAF died
F/O F J Lockwood DFC died
F/O D D Plantana DFC RCAF died

T/o Upwood 2201 to attack rail facilities and flying as Deputy Master Bomber. In the vicinity of the target, hit by cannon fire from a night-fighter and broke into two sections before crashing 0157 near Ancerville (Meuse), 20 Km SW of Bar-Le-Duc.

28/29 July 1944 Lancaster III PB114 GT- Op.Hamburg
S/L H F Slade RAAF
F/S E F Hearn
F/O E A Egan
F/S J A Brookes
F/L A G R Undrell
F/O A G Lindsay
W/O L H Leonard

T/o Upwood 2254 Hit by flak in the port wing and sustained very severe structural damage. S/L Slade, on his 58th operation, never-the-less, deposited the bomb load onto the target before losing control of the Lancaster, and preparing the crew to abandon ship. Gradually and with great skill, control was regained and course set for England, during which period it was discovered that a number of bombs and TI's had hung up, which couldn't be released. Course was set for Woodbridge in Suffolk, where the Lancaster was landed without injury to its crew. In recongnition of completing his PFF tour and for displaying exceptional airmanship S.L Slade RAAF was awarded an immediate DSO.

12/13 Aug 1944 Lancaster III ND444 GT-G Op.Russelsheim
S/L G C Hemming died
Sgt A Green died
F/O S J Richards died
F/O P A Taylor died
F/S R Seddon died
F/L T J Pye died
F/O T H A Hill DFM died
P/O G B Stone died

T/o Upwood 2204 All rest in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery F/O Taylor was flying in the capacity of second navigator.

12/13 Aug 1944 Lancaster III PB209 GT-E Op.Russelsheim
F/L J N McDonald DFM RAAF died
Sgt E W Hunter died
F/L S L Dennis DFC RAAF died
F/O L L Deed DFC RAAF died
W/O W T Alsbury died
F/O D W Dunham RAAF died
F/S R H Valencia died

T/o Upwood 2201 All are buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery.

26/27 Aug 1944 Lancaster III PB302 GT-B Op.Kiel
F/L R M Etchells
F/S J D Gray
P/O J E Goldsmith RCAF
P/O A J C Croome RAAF
W/O E W Hay
F/S J F Stearn
P/O S Freeden

T/o Upwood 2021 Badly shot about by a JU88 which came upon the Lancaster over Kiel, but which in turn was last seen going down crippled by the return fire. Soon after the engagement the Lancaster was ditched in the North Sea. Their followed an exacting rescue operation involving aircraft, a Danish fishing vessel and an ASR launch before the crew were brought home to Grimsby some five days later.

9 Sept 1944 Lancaster III ND618 GT-

Wrecked 1120 when a nearby Lancaster exploded.
See Dedication to the ground crew page

9 Sept 1944 Lancaster III ND978 GT-
Cpl W E Gill died
Cpl J A Mole died
LAC T E H Graham died
LAC H B Jones died
LAC J F Thompson died
AC1 J Ellis died
Sgt N Piercy Injured

Exploded 1120 during the removal of the bomb load brought back a few hours previous under most hazardous circumstances from Le Havre by the Squadron CO W/C T L Bingham-Hall DFC. Of the identified casualties, Cpl Gill is buried at Garforth; Cpl Mole lies in High Wycombe cemetery and four, including 42 year old LAC Thompson, are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.
See Dedication to the ground crew page

11 Sept 1944 Lancaster III ND534 GT-O
S/L A W Raw DFC died
P/O J A Brooks died
F/L C W Reeves died
S/L G A R Undrell DFC died
F/L A Millar died
F/S N Warwick died
W/O R H Leonard RAAF died

T/o Upwood 1654 Crashed 1830 some 3 Km W of the target area.

24 Sept 1944 Lancaster III PB177 GT-O Op.Calais
F/L K P C Doyle DFC died
F/O J A Noble RCAF died
F/S W J Roberts died
F/L H F Morish DFC died
P/O A Astle DFC died
F/S D K Green died
W/O W H Edinburgh died
Sgt K Steele died

T/o Upwood 1645 to bomb strong points. Lost without trace

2/3 Nov 1944 Lancaster III PB486 GT- Op.Dusseldorf
S/L A W G Cochrane RNZAF
P/O J Aaron
F/L R F Jenkins
F/O E Jenner
F/O J R Burns
F/S L P Howell
S/L D F Allen

T/o Upwood 1655 but crashed almost immediately due to premature retraction of the undercarriage. The lancaster, with a 4.000kg "Cookie" onboard was sliding along on its belly.no one was seriously hurt, despite some members of the crew jumping from the Lancaster as it skidded across the airfield.

16 Nov 1944 Lancaster III PB609 GT- Op.Duren
W/C D B Falconer DFC AFC
P/O R V Dickeson
F/L H C Cavanagh
F/S A J Walker DFM
S/L L H Gilbert
W/O J D Sanders
F/S E Bangs

T/o Upwood 1331 Undershot and crashed 1755 on return to base, the Lancaster being damaged beyond repair. No injuries reported.

17/18 Dec 1944 Lancaster III PB675 GT-C Op.Ulm
F/L L N B Cann DFC died
F/O B J Wisby died
P/O R V Fisher DFM died
F/O J W Hennessy died
W/O J Lyons died
F/S D S Lowe died
F/S J L R Remillard RCAF died

T/o Upwood 1605 All are buried in Clichy New Communal Cemetery in France.

30/31 Dec 1944 Lancaster III PB621 GT-N Op.Koln
W/C D B Falconer DFC AFC died
F/L W N Bingham died
F/S A J M Cooper died
F/S J W Tuthill died
Sgt T W G Homer died
Sgt G Spreadbury died
Sgt L W J White died

T/o Upwood 1823 Crashed at Koln-Rodenkirchen following a direct hit from flak. W/C Falconer had commanded 156 squadron for a shade over five week. His operational tally stood at 55 sorties. F/L Bingham was the squadron's Flight Engineer Leader.

Information came from:
ISBN 0-904597-91-1
Midland Publishing
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The Supplement to
Prepared by John Hamlin

156 Squadron losses flown from
 R.A.F. UPWOOD in 1945

28 Jan 1945 Lancaster III PB186 GT-A Op.Stuttgart
F/L J H Freeman RCAF died
Sgt R Breaks died
F/O N P Hibbert DFC died
F/S J G Shaw died
F/S R J Wood died
F/S J F Kaviza RCAF died

T/O Upwood 2020 came down at Vaihingen in the SW suburbs of Stuttgart.

3/4 Feb 1945 Lancaster III ME366 GT-H Op.Bottrop
W/O F Parr DFM died
F/L F C Salt died
F/O C P Clark died
P/O G C McKenna RAAF died
F/O J Costigan RAAF POW

T/O Upwood 1652 to mark the Prosper benzol plant.

3/4 Feb 1945 Lancaster III PB505 GT-F Op.Bottrop
F/L M Spinley DFM MID RNZAF died
F/O L Mooney DFM died
F/O J H Lascelles DFM died
F/L K H French died
W/O L J Hutson RNZAF died
W/O A Brown DFM died

/S H A Holmes

T/O Upwood 1646 to mark the Prosper benzol plant. Crashed near Hechtel (Limburg), 22Km N of Hasselt, Belgium. F/L Spinley wa killed when his aircraft broke up in the air over Belgium, but a member of the crew was thrown clear and survived ( F/S H A Holmes).

20/21 Feb 1945 Lancaster III PB701 GT-Q Op.Dusseldorf
F/L A D Pelly POW
F/S R Morgan POW

F/O D F Sinfield DFC died
Sgt J D Routledge POW
F/S E C Bangs died
F/S T S Carr died

T/O Upwood 2242 to mark the Rhenania Ossag oil refinery in the Reisholz district. F/O Sinfield, an Exhibitioner at Bedford Modern School and at 19 one of the youngest decorated navigators to lose his life on bombing operations, and both air gunners, rest in Rheinberg War Cemetery. Sgt Routledge was the visual air bomber.

Copyright © 2007 Sean Edwards
(Left to right Colonel Rogers, Steve (Turbine Motor works) A D Pelly and Me, Sean Edwards)
This picture was taken on the 19th May 2006 outside Hangar 2 at Upwood.

31 Mar 1945 Lancaster III PB468 GT-B Op.Hamburg
F/L H F Taylor DFC died
P/O H Woolstenhulme died
Sgt J P Williams died
Sgt L H Joel died
F/O R L Martin DFC died
F/O L A Cox DFC died
F/S K A L Mitchell died
Sgt R Goldsbury died

T/O Upwood 0638 to mark the Blohm and Voss shipbuilding yards. Fell at Hohe Liedtweg
476 Hamburg-Langenhorn. Sgt Joel was flying as a second navigator

31 Mar 1945 Lancaster III PB517 GT-O
F/L A C Pope DFC died
F/O G A J Morrison died
F/L L E Munro DFC RCAF died
P/O E H Marlow died
F/O T M McCabe died
F/S K Antcliffe died
P/O I W Kelly RCAF died
P/O R C Fletcher RCAF died

T/O Upwood 0647 similarly tasked. Believed to have crashed, either on moorland 15 Km NW from Rotenburg or near Stemmen, 15 Km NE of Rotenburg. P/O Marlow was flying as a second navigator.

16/17 April 1945 Lancaster III PB403 GT-E
F/O J Jamieson died
Sgt F J Cuthill died
F/O F W O'reilly died
P/O F L J Ponting died
F/S D E Smith died
P/O H W Elliott RCAF died
Sgt E Wilson died

T/O Upwood 0006 to mark the railway yards. Collided in the air with a 171 squadron halifax and fell into a wooded area at "Kahel Kopfchen" at Murlenbach on the W bank of Kyll river some 12 Km SSW of Gerolstein. Under the direction of American forces.