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RAF Upwood from 2018 to 1940s

New Memorial Wall at Upwood 9th November 2020

A new memoral wall has been added at RAF Upwood
Nathan Murdoch from Streets Arts Hire spent 3 days working on this piece for free.

The Lancaster GT-Q ND875 is a special 156 Squadron Lancaster that covered 108 Ops,
only 35 Lancasters ever made over 100 Ops in the whole of Bomber Command out of 7377 built.

"We Light The Way" at the top corner is the motto of 156 Path Finder Force Squadron

The 3 Men
Middle is F/S John Watson (Jack) DFM Flight Engineer/Bomb Aimer with 77 Ops
Right is F/S Weston Appleby (Appy) DFM and a Belgian Croix de Guerre with palm was a mid uppper gunner 80 Ops.
Left is F/S Albert Wilson (Bert) DFM Wireless Operator 76 Ops.

Many thanks go to:
Jack Watson for allowing us to use his photos, Jack had no idea we was going to use this photo of him and some of his crew.
Les Jones with his help obtaining permission to use the wall and his help throughout the weekend.
William Hunt for allowing us to use his wall.
Special thanks go to Nathan Murdoch for all his free time painting this.
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