No. 52 Squadron

Badge: A lion rampant guardant holding in the fore-paws a flash of lighting.
The personnel of this squadron were originally recruited from the district of Hounslow, Heston and Isleworth, so the Lion has been introduced which appears in the arms of Heston and Isleworth and in those which were used by Hounslow Abbey. The flash of lighting refers to the marking used by this squadron during the First World War.
Motto: "Sudore quam sanguine" ("By sweat and blood").
Authority: King George VI, June, 1939.
Based at Upwood from: (March 1937 - September 1939)
Type of Aircraft:
Hawker Hind (January 1937 - late 1937)
Fairey Battle (November 1937 - April 1940)



52 Squadron personnel at Upwood 1938


Hawker Hinds at Upwood in 1936/37


Fairey Battle of 52 Squadron at Upwood 1938


52 Squadron Battles at Upwood 1938


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