Whilst Stuart Bedford was harvesting sugar beet on his land on the airfield, the back wheel of the harvester dropped. A flat tyre they thought, but no, the back wheel had gone in an old air raid shelter, 

Pictures below show the old air raid shelter.


Air raid shelter found on the 21st October 2000

The land was very wet and full of clay which makes the soil heavy, with the harvester going over the top of the shelter it decided to give way and show it's self after 30 years in the dark.

The small hole had been made but the sugar beet harvester's back wheel

As you go down the ladder there was a brick wall, the other side of the brick wall had also collapsed.

The door was filled in by Bill Bedford (Father of Stuart Bedford) so he could farm the land some 30 years ago

A close up of the main entrance, 

The main entrance to the air raid shelter, 30 years ago Bill Bedford filled the entrance with rocks and earth so he could farm the land.

Dan Bedford looking to see what
is the other side of the collapsed roof

Dan Bedford, (Stuarts son) Looking to see what is the other side of  brick wall.

A view from the top of the hole This hole is right next to the bomb stores about a 2 minute walk

My thanks go out to Stuart Bedford for letting me take pictures before he filled the old air raid shelter back in. Plus many thanks to Dan Bedford for telling me of his find.

last updated 23/12/2010