Demolition of RAF Upwood

Demolition of RAF Upwood started at the begining of June 2020. Half the site is set for demolition with the other half in a few years time. The four C type hangars will remain as they are owned by different businesses, also to stay is RAF Upwood Guard Room and HQ building. The buildings that have been demolished so far is as follows. Link trainer building, Parachute stores, Articulated trailer shed, X2 H accommodation blocks, Ambulance and Mortury, half of the MT Section garages and the unwounded decontamination centre.
Phase 1 demolition is now complete, phase 2 starts in September 2020 will the demolition of Upwood Hill House, Officers Mess, Sergeants mess, Airmen's mess, Water tower, community centre, Station Sick Quarters and the built on Decontamination centre, Officers 'E' Accommodation block, X2 'R' Accomodation blocks, the other half of the MT section garages and the Armory.
These buildings are all going to make way for new 168 houses, with upto and 450 to follow after that.

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One of the 'H' Blocks accommadation


On the right is where the Link Trainer building once was, Middle is half the MT section, now gone and on the left is where the Ambulance and Mortury once stood.


Half the MT section has now gone. July 2020

Page updated on the 31st of July 2020