Filmed at RAF Upwood




Dirk Bogarde,

Ian Hunter,

Dinah Sheridan,

Bill Kerr,

Bryan Forbes

Directed by Philip leacockand Written by John Wooldridge and Robert Westerby


Dirk Bogarde stars in this compelling wartime Lancaster-based drama as a young Wing Commander close to breaking point with 87 sorties under his belt. He is determined to make 90 in spite of his superiors pressing him to take a break and a spell on the ground. A series of misfortunes that suggest a "jinx" precede a dangerous bombing mission over Germany which climaxes in a nerveshattering, breathtaking finale. (words are from the back of the cover)




"Sequences rock the heart with glory the terror of it all."

-The spectator, 1953


" The Lancaster bomber raid which climaxes the film is just about the best treatment of this subject I have seen."

-Daily Mail, 1953



Running time of Appointment in London is Approx. 96 mins...

 Appointment in London was filmed at R.A.F. Upwood during the summer of 1952 by Mayflower film productions. They used four Lancaster's that were flown by Upwood wing crews. The filming finished in September, then the airfield closed for a short time for repair work to be carried out.