In Memory


In memory of
(Cpl) Alfred Barnes
who died on the 3rd of September 2012 aged 91

156 Squadron Ground Crew at RAF Upwood 1944/45
Cpl Barnes is seated in the middle

Cpl Alfred barnes worked in the 156 Squadron Adjutant's office under Flight Sergeant Bartlett in 1944 and 1945



In memory of
Les Hunt
Who died on the 28th August 2006

Les Hunt

Les and John Cater At Upwood during the 1950s

Les and John 50 years Later in 2000

Les and John at RAF Upwood 1940s weekend taken by me on the 20th August 2006

Me, (Sean Edwards) and Les Hunt at RAF Upwood 1940s weekend taken by John on the 20th August 2006

Words below were taken from Les Hunt Recollections of National Service

Since the time we spent together in the RAF, John and I have lived miles apart from each other but have kept in touch during the intervening years. Respectively, we have seen the arrival of four children and seven grandchildren.

To paraphrase the old proverb ‘The best possession you can have is a true friend’.

Below is Les's last article written for the RAF Upwood's web site which he sent to me on the 23rd August 2006 and all the other pages he wrote for the website

Construction in the War Years by Wimpey - 1939 to 1945



Sean Edwards......


In Memory of Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, DFC,
who was born on April 3, 1917.
He died on September 26, 2007, aged 90
Erik joined 139 squadron Pathfinders at Upwood and completed 72 missions in Mosquitos

HRH Prince Bernhard (center) of the Netherlands, being interviewed by the Dutch TV company AVRO, in 1974 at RAF Upwood for a documentary of Erik Hazelhoff wartime experiences, after his book came out. Erik is on the left in this photo. The Prince flew Erik and the TV crew up from London himself in his Fokker Friendship, they had lunch at the base with the Co in charge, and the Prince told about giving Erik his first flying lesson.


Erik Hazelhoff-Roelfzema lived the life that movies are made of.
He escaped Nazi-occupied Netherlands; was a secret agent who took part in covert landings along the Dutch Coast during World War II; flew in the elite Pathfinder Force of the Royal Air Force; was an aide to Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, who knighted him for his service to Holland; and he flew Princess Beatrix back to the Netherlands after the war and took part in her coronation when she became queen.

For more information see 139 squadron page